Wednesday, May 2, 2007


3) Sarah Jessica Parker: SJP Bitten bites the fashion blogosphere

The collection, promising and affordable:

Sarah Jessica Parker may be a lady of luxury, but she wants to bring fabulous clothing to the masses at affordable prices. Since we already know that her clothing line Bitten will be inexpensive (we're talking each article under $20), now we can all dress like SJP! The collection was named after her reaction to walking into a Steve & Barry’s store for the first time - she was "bitten." She then decided to collaborate with them to create high-quality sportswear for women of all ages and sizes at a fair price. It has been reported Bitten will make its official debut on June 7th, only at Steve & Barry's stores. The line will consist of approximately 150 styles and over 400 clothing items and accessories such as: knit shirts, wool and cashmere sweaters, dresses, lingerie, denim, handbags, jewelry, belts and of!The tagline for the collection is: "Fashion is not a luxury, it's a right." I'll second that! The concept is just perfect.

The controversy(source: WWD) :

Oprah Winfrey's power to publicize an author, a star or a designer is legendary, so naturally she was promised an exclusive on the unveiling of Sarah Jessica Parker's new Bitten line for mass chain retailer Steve & Barry's. But last week, Gawker founding editor Elizabeth Spiers' new blog site, Fashionista, published photographs from a password-protected area of a preliminary Bitten Web site intended only for long-lead-time monthly magazines. When attorneys from Steve & Barry's requested Fashionista remove the photos, it did, but by then dozens of other blogs had already posted images, giving plenty of potential customers the chance to put in their two cents.

It's a fact : The fashion blogosphere has been offended. Are you of those who think being talked about is always good? :o)

If you landed on this blog, it's probably because you are desperately looking for those damned pictures of SJP's collection. Sorry, I don't have them. They have been removed of every popular fashion blog.

Glamour have the first “official” look at the line in their June edition with Sarah Jessica Parker modeling it in a fashion spread. The Glamour photoshoot doesn’t include just Bitten clothes, she’s photographed wearing a Chanel jacket, Christian Louboutin shoes, and Bitten Sarah Jessica Parker t-shirt and jeans. I was more "bitten" by Kate Moss for Topshop preview, but hopefully I'll be surprised in a month. :o)


2) Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen are going to tell u a secret : The Row

Mary Kate and Ashley have been working hard to keep all the details about this line so hush-hush.

My opinion : couldn't be more BASIC, is going to be very expensive, where is the style? Aiming at luxury and exclusivity is not a good idea for a first attempt at designing.
More details and pictures here :


1) Kate Moss for Top Shop :
launched, sold out, we want more!
The most anticipated, the most talked about, the most wanted.

The fashion Sphynx created a new fashion range for High Street chain Topshop . She was paid £3 million for the hotly anticipated range, which features her trademark hotpants and jeans. It's very representative of her renowned style, very instinctive, and I think it's really worth the money, but maybe not all this mayhem.

It was launched on May 1st. Kate herself served as a mannequin in the storefront window on London's Oxford Street Topshop store. Hundreds of Kate Moss fans queued on Monday for an early taste of the British supermodel's first foray into fashion design at the launch of her eagerly awaited new range.
Kate was wearing one of her new creations -- a long red dress costing 195 pounds ($390).
Extent of the phenomenon : Yahoo news : "Kate Moss clothing launch stirs fashion frenzy" "Moss-mania breaks out with model's new range "

These bored eye-candy fashionatas are just lovely :o)

During the next two weeks, the collection will launch in another 21 countries, including at upmarket U.S. store Barney's (on May 9). The 50 piece range stretching from 12 pounds ($24) for a tight-fitting vest to a leather jacket for 150 pounds.

My Picks :

Why is it genius? british dandy style, daringly paired with jeans hotpants to create a casual and deliciously bohemian look.

Why is fashion all about instincts? because pairing a british inspired top with sexy jeans hotpants could easily be a disaster, but Kate made it stunning.

It's was all sold out but it looks like they restocked some items on the

Topshop website.

Thursday, April 26, 2007

Shopping Alert : These boots are made for bragging

These stunning "Paul&Joe" low boots are on sale on

5 reasons to buy them :

- They are on sale
- Eighties inspired ankle boots are going to be a must-have next season
- Blue-grey is the next IT color (post on this topic coming soon)
- Beautiful pleated wrap-front effect
- Bow on the back for 2 different styles

oh... and a lovely detail : isn't the style name just inspiring ? :o)
Paul & Joe Monday in Blue Grey

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Perfect Yellow Dress : EVA MENDES in Catherine Malandrino

The actress chose a sweet, butter-yellow dress for the Coach Fragrance launch in Los Angeles. It really matches her skin color, and she looks both casual and elegant. If you want to avoid a fashion faux-pas when choosing a yellow dress, go for Catherine.

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Reminder: WE are beautiful

We all like fashion and beauty. That's a fact. Every week, it's a nice feeling to rush to the newstand to pick up our favorite magazines. I like the smell of the paper, the glossy touch of the cover, the explosion of colors. I skim through my favorite "glossies" (usually in the subway) and every page is a dream. It's the same feeling when I was watching a Disney movie when I was a little girl. Everything is beautiful, everything is perfect. Even when you are surprised by a tad of imperfection, it's studied. Well the other side of the coin is that it makes us dream, and simultaneously, it gives rise to loads of insecurities and it treatens women's self-esteem. All we can see is perfection, we forget the studied lightings, the endless hours of make up and airbrushing, the plastic surgery, and sometimes the hours of pricey Pilate session. Of course there are plenty of dropdead gorgeous girls, but the kind of beauty we see in those magazines is nothing human.
I'm sure you're aware of Dove's admirable "campaign for real beauty" as they beautifully call it, but maybe you haven't seen this video. How did our idea of beauty become so distorted? Visit to recall that real beauty comes in all shapes, sizes, and colors and without Photoshop!

Friday, April 20, 2007

Jessica Biel makes progress

Let's forget the Oscars disaster : bright eighties pink dress (Oscar de la Renta, whatever...) and matching lipstick. On her way to film the Late Show with David Letterman, Jessica Biel looked delectable in a gray coat paired with lovely shoes and a trendy YSL white bag. After the show, she came out in a cute creme CHLOE dress. We aren't drooling over her look yet, but it's getting better.

Spring's controversial shoes : YSL Tribute shoes

What : YSL Tribute shoes
It comes in a few variations, in patent leather, with various heel heights, platforms and uppers.

Trend: Platform peep-toe heels

Who and how : Beyonce rocked them to a "B'Day" photoshoot. Christina wore them to a "Back to Basics" after party in New York City. Victoria was photograped in a pair (red ones, my favorites) at an award ceremony. Gwen wore hers with trim black slacks to a taping of The Jimmy Kimmel show. JLO paired hers with black tights and a deconstructed minidress during a photocall for her new film Bordertown in Madrid. Kimberley Stewart was seen with the red ones as well.

Where : Because it is such an 'it' shoe it's proving quite elusive in terms of online shopping (Yves Saint Laurent is not particularly easy to find online anyway). YSL boutiques, instore at Browns or at a department store that stocks the brand. Expect a wait and a hefty price tag though : € 485.00, $655, £330 , celeb style never comes cheap!

Cons : used to be strippers, hookers and pornstars signature shoes (this is the magical power of fashion lol : sporting those shoes last year would've been a joke), high risk of fall at every step and a nighmare for one's back and feet, hefty price, probably a fad, walking in heels this high obviously requires skills, forget it if you're tall.

Pros : this season's hottest pumps, lots of inches for petite women, halfway between fashion boutique and sexshop, daring, good choice for the pin-up look.

My advice : Avoid the patent leather version too reminiscent of the sex shop shoes. Two heels heights are available : pick up the smaller one (just like JLO). Christina's minidress is too short and the beige tights are hideous, JLO got it perfect choosing a sassy minidress and black tights (I guess she's definitely this sesaon's fashion guru ! ) but my favorite look is Victoria's : total black outfit paired with red shoes.

Saturday, April 14, 2007

Dive into mellow yellow

As you probably already know, this season it-color is YELLOW.

Dear Fashion, don't get us wrong : Yellow always looked good on the sunny days. It's just that this year, celebs dare it more.
Chronology of the phenomenon : it started coyly last summer, then trendsetter Kylie sported a sunny yellow winter jacket in January, illuminating gray London and saying goodbye to the black days.

Yellow dresses popped up in many spring 2007 collections, often as a random injection of colour in amongst more subdued tones.

Valentino : Incredibly hot and casual at the same time, elegant yellow.

Versace : cheeky and acid

Missoni : shining luxury and refinement, to have tea at the Ritz on a Sunday Afternoon :o)

A few actresses picked the hue for THE Red Carpet:

Reese Witherspoon at the Golden Globes 2007, in a bright yellow short strapless dress and bangs.

Naomi Watts at the Vanity Fair Oscars Party 2007 at Mortons Los Angeles.
Designers teamed their vibrant yellow pieces with nude shades, black and silver - all of which compliment the electrifying force of this season's yellow.

Unsurprisingly the trend carried over to Spring, to our great delight.

Pure sweetness! From her cheerful yellow minidress (Juicy Couture) to her stacked bangles and blinget out hoops to her shaded sunglasses, JLO couldn't look more appealing. Get all the detail on this stunning look right here.

Gwen exudes feminity and confidence in this flamboyant strapless dress in The May issue of Harper's Bazaar.

Here comes the celeb followers :

To conclude, my little favorite, this light and poetic butterfly top designed by Alexander Mac Queen, it's a Midsummer Night's Dream ;o)

Thursday, April 12, 2007

Trend Alert : Stripes, Stripes, Stripes !

Maybe it's Gwen's fault, maybe not, but it's a fact : stripes are all over celebs those days. It started last year, and it's going on. I especially like how Ashley Simpson sported it : wide grey and turquoise stripes (her sweater looks so comfy, probably cashmere...) with quilted bag and black cap. Like the wet hair, it makes her look sensual.

You can easily find a lovely striped shirt for a reasonable price, my pick would definetely be Juicy Couture, at least for colored striped. This top is available here for $88.

I especially like the buttons, they add sexiness. If you wear stripes, the keyword is "Accessorize", glam it up to avoid looking like you've escaped from jail : designer sunglasses, jewelry, bags, heels...

if you want something more sophisticated, I would opt for Sonia Rykiel. Stripes have been her signature fabric since her very beginning, and no one handles it better. Here are my fav SR dresses for the upcoming season, but you can browse the site for more striped beauties :

I have a soft spot for the one with the bow : its size, it's location, the laid-back look ... Très Très Chic!